Need a blog, but don’t know how to start?

You need to start a blog, but have no idea how to build one, or perhaps you’re not happy with a blog you’ve already started.  (If you have had an existing blog somewhere else for some time, it would probably be better to start a new one than to transfer the old one to WordPress.)JIMMY OLSEN

My name is Ralph, and perhaps I can help.  By “help” I mean work with you to set up a WordPress blog, install and adjust a theme that will work with your content, add any pages you would like, but I will NOT WRITE your blog for you.  If you have photos or videos, I can help you add them, and if you need some photo editing, I can help with that as well.

I’ve been helping create WordPress blogs for a couple years now. For example, my bride Clarice has two, and Party of One,  our friend Ellen has one for her artwork, and I’ve also done my writing blog.  Other examples of the sort of things that might be done for various genres are Tales of the South Pacific, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, A Fine Romance, Feel the Steam, PunkSci-Fi site, Fantasy site and finally my Western site.

I can help you select from over 150 free Wordpress templates (they call them “Themes”) and set one up for you. Or if you wish, they also have “premium” templates available for purchase.

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